Mosquito Click


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Product Description

  • Mosquito Click functions with piezoelectricity ie. the generation of electric currents by the compression or expansion of quartz and similar crystalline substances. Mosquito-Click therefore does not need a battery to function
  • Its small and practical size makes it convenient to carry along anywhere
  • It eliminates itchiness and inflammation from mosquito, sandfly, midge bites and minor jellyfish stings in just a few clicks
  • Watch the video on the home page for a practical demonstation



  • Clinically proven to eliminate itching and inflammation from stings and bites in just a few clicks
  • Fast acting and long lasting
  •  Portable, simple, convenient and safe to use – no need to apply any drugs or chemicals to the body
  •  Suitable for adults and children over 6 months old
  •  Designed and made in Italy
  •  Treats up to 5,000 bites
  •  No expiry date
  •  No battery needed
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