ANS-A6 Mosquito Bionic Systems



Product Description

ANS-A6 Mosquito Bionic Systems

—Creating mosquito-free communitiesANS-A6 Mosquito Bionic Systems

 Efficient Mosquito Bionic Systems ANS-A6


Retail Price:$2500

Perfect combination of practicality and beauty

Harmless effects on humans and animals

Leading mosquito technology in the world

Purely physically killing mosquito

Patented product


Structure feature

ANS-A6 Mosquito Bionic Systems1
Environmental idea
Ansel, bionic, intelligent mosquito control system with ecological, efficient, and
environmentally friendly features, can completely control mosquitoes. Anti-mosquito
mosquitoes process safe and reliable, ecological environmental protection, without any

impact on human health.

Application place
This mosquito control system is widely applied in: villas, apartments, residential, tourist
resort, golf course, courtyard gardens, parks, playgrounds, forests, pastures, waterfront,
hotels, factories, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, port, restaurants, sports, Stadium, etc.

Huge market prospects, economic and social benefits significantly.

Ansel biomimetic intelligent mosquito control system, mimic the preferences of people or
animals with a mosquito “bait”: Bionic Ovitrap gas, alcohols, thermal radiation, enticing the
light source of information, such as joining the system, so that mosquitoes cannot reject in
1000-4000 square, hurl themselves into the fly to machine,by using internal fan attraction of

mosquito inhalation to design a good set of mosquito die bag dry.

Specially Attracting Things

Bionic Ovitrap gas
Bionic Ovitrap gas is controlled by the device mimics human respiratory release of carbon
dioxide gas used for long-distance Ovitrap, according to biologists study the effects on
mosquitoes of radius of up to 36 metres, mixed with alcohol information can effectively

enhance the attraction of information alcohol.

Information alcohol
Information alcohol is a specific species of mosquitoes have a significant effect of attracting.
Information alcohol is simulated people eat vegetables or cattle eat grass after oral odors,

and developing it, without any adverse effect on human life and air quality.

Non-combustion gas
Use not of carbon dioxide gas directly to lure mosquitoes avoid used similar equipment on
the market of liquefied carbon dioxide gas into many disadvantages, such as: incomplete
combustion produces carbon monoxide toxic; carbon nozzle plug during use; high

temperature explosion risk.

High pressure seamless cylinders
Ansel mosquito-control system uses high pressure seamless gas cylinders, put an end to

any security risk, even in case of emergency can also act as a mosquito tubes.

Attracting color
Ansel-mosquito control system of surface is green and blue, very similar with plant and sky

therefore the color can also be good to attract mosquitoes.

Control flow
Ansel mosquito-control system design by a special decompression valve can precisely
control the flow of carbon dioxide and thus more accurately simulate human breath to

capture mosquitoes.

Low energy consumption     
Ansel mosquito control system rated power 9W, average power consumption is less than

 0.15 in a day and comparable to any mainstream home appliances.

* host machine weight: 5.5kg
* Cover area: 1000-4000 square meters (with environment and weather)
* lure means: Science proved of several species effective attract elements integration
  design, fast installed and started
* full antirust structure, anti-aging plastic machine shell, beautiful durable
* alarm design against burglars
* 15 m super long nursing sets low voltage wire (connection transformer and host)
* has strengthening layer of plastic durable tracheal
* input: 220V AC
* current: 5A
* frequency: 50Hz
* output:12V DC
* rated power 9W
* 6 inches Castor, mobile convenient
* 10L gas bottle (loaded liquid carbon dioxide gas ≤ 4.5KG) 25days
* guarantee: guaranteed two years
* using only for outdoor
Mounting position
By actual use, Ansel Bionic mosquito control system is with excellent effect in the
field of catching mosquito.
ANS-A6 Mosquito Bionic Systems
Use surrounding
Mosquito Bionic Systems
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