Is the world’s leading manufacturer of portable butane-powered personal care appliances, house ware appliances and power tools.

  • Convient & portable,
  • Take ThemaCELL anywhere to repel up to 98% of mosquitoes, sandflies and midges,
  • Works up to 25 square metres at a time.

ThermaCELL is easy to use:

  • Simple to operate,
  • A single butane gas cartridge (included),
  • Heats an insect repelling mat which releases Allethrin into the air.
  • ThermaCELL is safe to use,
  • Does not contain DEET,
  • No open flames,
  • No smelly lotions or oils- no mess,
  • Compact easy to carry and only weighs 300g.
  • Approved by APVMA

ThermaCell Mosquito Repeller contains 4 x repellent mats & 1 bunane gas cartridge, providing up to 12 hours continuous repelling (Refills also sold seperately)

  • Repells up to 98% of mosquitos, sand flies and midges
  • Creates a 25 metre square cell of protection
  • Harmless to humans and pets, works effectively within 10 minutes
  • Includes 1 x butane gas cartridge & 4 insect repelling mats
  • Portable, flameless use anywhere anytime anyplace.