Mosquito Attractants

MozzieFREE Mosquito Attractants: Remedy For Mosquito Bites

Mosquito attractants increase capture rates of mosquitos due to wide variety of Mosquito Octenol Lures. With a great range of this products to suit any situation, you wont have to worry about those mosquitos anymore.

In tests conducted by USDA entomologist, Dr Dan Kline, in November 2004, the capture of various mosquito species using traps baited with a combination of Octenol and Lactic Acid was two to three times greater than traps baited with Octenol alone. “We feel that you can use attractants in a trapping strategy to divert mosquitoes away from biting people.” says Dr Kline. “If you can keep them from biting people you can stop the disease transmission”. (Seed Magazine, June 15, 2009)

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mosquito attractants
mosquito attractants