LN001 Mosquito Trap


LN001 Mosquito Trap


In the Box:

  • Power converter UK/EU plug
  • 2m Low voltage cord
  • 1x RapidAction attractant
  • Owner’s Manual
    UK/DE/SE/FIN/NOAttract mosquitoes:
  • 1.UV-light
  • 2.Heat
  • 3.Octenol / Lactic Acid
  • 4.Catalytic C02
  • 5.color
Area coverage:

  • Cover a radius of 5m
  • Area: 80m2Accessories:
  • RapidAction LN Lures
  • RapidAction UV-Tube
  • RapidAction Catch Net
  • 12V Car Adapter
  • Power converter   110/230-12V
  • DC 12v Fan
Store Units:

  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Dimensions:16 x 16 x30cmApprovals:CE, UL, RoHS, REACHPower:110/230/-12 Volt 15W


How does the LN001 lure the mosquitoes
1. Lactic acid.
L-Lactic Acid is attractive to mosquitoes, L-Lactic acid emanations from human skin are a
major factor in determining the relative attractiveness of different human hosts to
mosquitoes, and the attractivity of L-Lactic Acid is concentration dependent.
2. Octenol.
A natural, food grade ingredient that simulates human body odour. This odour is highly attracting for the mosquitoes. Octenol are mixed with wax and included in the Rapid Action scent lure cartridges.
1-Octen-3-ol (octenol) as a pesticide active ingredient,is used in attracting certain species of mosquitoes and biting flies (e.g., no-see-ums) but the chemical itself does not kill insects. Octenol may also be used in conjunction with carbon dioxide together with electronic devices that in turn kill     the trapped insects. Note that both pest and non-pest insects may be attracted and killed by some devices. The devices themselves are not regulated by the EPA Octenol, when released into air, is
not harmful to humans, to other non-target organisms, or to the environment. There is the potential
for toxicity if ingested. Therefore, the amount of octenol accessible to children is evaluated for each product before an octenol containing product is registered by the EPA.
3. UV-light.
Mosquitoes can see the UV light spectrum over great distances and are attracted to its source.
4. Carbon dioxide (CO2).
Mosquitoes have a highly developed sense of smell and can seek out their prey over great
distances. They are attracted by the carbon dioxide (ex-haled air)and moisture of the human
breath. Through a catalytic process of titanium chloride in combination with UV light, the mosquito
trap dispenses small amounts of carbon dioxide and moisture to boost the mosquito’s attraction
to the trap.
5. Black colour.
The trap’s colour is black, mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours.
6. Heat
at signature. Mosquitoes see and feel the heat that our body gives off. The trap features a heat
surface which is approximately the same temperature as human skin. This offers credible landing    zone for mosquitoes and biting insects.
What is TiO2
TiO2is Titanium dioxide, particularly in the anatase form,is a photocatalyst under ultraviolet (UV) light.
Any supplier declare TiO2is an attractant tomosquito , it is a joke. TiOwill produce CO2  and H2O when in the UV light, and the CO2an d HO is an attractants to mosquito.
how long will TiO2 last
TiOis a photocatalyst, it will not reaction during the chemical process, so the TiOin our trap will
last at least 2years
How does the reaction to produce the CO2+ HO 2, please read the below picture, it will show you
how it produce the CO2+ HO2

LN001 Mosquito TrapLN001 Mosquito Trap

The design is perfect
we invited an European team design our LN001 mosquito trap,the design is perfect, will fit most customer’s seek to beautiful.And beside catch mosquitoes it can also use as night light.
The catch effective is perfect
we use most factors to lure mosquito, and catch them by fan in the catch box, the effective is good.
The replace for Attractant and Tube is convenient
it is easy to replace the attractant and the UV tube, only take off the enter window, you can replace the attractant and UV tube easily