FC001 Fly Catcher

FC001 Fly Catcher

FC001 Fly Catcher


How Does Fly Catcher Work?

This fly catcher is the best effective fly catcher we can find on the market, it use Natural attractant to

lure the flies ,when the flies stay on the rotating round disk, enjoying their delicious, they don`t

realize they were catched into a dark room, we know all the flies like the light, when they are in the

dark room, they will fly towards the light, so they will catched into the transparent hemisphere , we

created a small hole on the hemisphere, when they enter it ,they will never fly away. they will died

for no food inside and also we can kill them by hot water.




Q: what is the Natural attractant and how long can it last?

A: The Natural attractant is made by Z-9-tricosene,it is no harm to human, in our fly catcher ,we

will supply 50g attractant, you can use it for about 45days. If you mix the attractant with water,

the effective will be better.
Q: where can we put the attractant?

A: we can put the attractant under the plastic net, the fly can smell it and they are difficult to eat it .

so it will last for a long time.
Q: how about the smell for the attractant, does it harm for human?

A: it has little smell and will not interrupt our life. it has no harm for human, you can visit EPA for

check and the web is http://www.epa.gov/REDs/4112.pdf, of course you can visit our “nline down”

and there you can down the file “PA Z-9-tricosene”.we promise you can use it freely
Q: how about the power for the catcher?

A: it is only 2Watt for the catcher and you can use it as you want, don`t worry about the cost. It has

a motor in the catcher, In order to keep the motor ,we suggest you use the catcher 12hours every

Q: how to kill the flies?

A: the most flies will died inside the hemisphere because of no food ,of course we can take out

the hemisphere and drop it into water. they will kill by water soon.